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iPad Data Recovery Software for iPad 4, mini, 3, 2 Gadget

As we all know, the iPad is not only a mobile phone but also a compact computer. It is thought as a device that is united mobile phone and computer. What a amazing gadget to enjoy both advanced technologies together!

You can not only listen to the music you collecteds, watch movies you are interested in, but also make video calls for your families or friends abroad, since now it’s works like computers and mobile phones. What’s more important is that you can carry it all around which means at the same time, you can carry your business data and entertainment bit around with you all of the time anywhere as you like. Now when we talk about storing data, there is also a chance of losing data. No matter how fast information technology develops, there is always a chance that you could lose your personal or business data no matter due to disaster and accident.
ipad data recoveryPeople often accidently delete data without even thinking a second. This often leaves us in testy waters, especially when you did not intend deleting important personal or business data. You probably had a very rare movie or music video downloaded courtesy a friend and if you happen to accidently delete it, you feel like you’ve lost your soul. Data loss is something that no one looks forward to. However if you happen to suffer from such situations then there is absolutely no need to worry.

As long as technology develops, you can now recover deleted iPad photos , also recover deleted iPad contacts, videos, music files, etc with the iPad data recovery software. Here I recommended you one outstanding.

Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery is an excellent high end iPad data recovery tool, with an equally great interface that is simple-designed and easy to use. Data recovery for iPad can be done in jiffy, which means no wasting time at all, which you would have if taken it to Apple store’s specialists who would have also charged you for doing something the iPad data recovery software is a pro at. This professional recovery software enables you to recover data like photos, videos, music files and so on you accident deleted or lost due to factory restore from iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad 3 and iPad 2 with a few mouse clicks.

How to recover iPad Data from iTunes backup by using iPad Data Recovery Software?
Step 1: Scan the backup for your iPad on your Computer
Download the iPad data recovery program from it’s official website ( and launch it. Choose the backup file with your device name.
iPad Data Recovery step 1

Step 2: Choose the files you want to get back and start recovery
It allows you to preview the entire list of the files. Choose the category of Photos, Videos, Music and recover them.
iPad Data Recovery step 2

Step 3: Set a target folder to save your recovered files
You can choose anywhere for your files on your computer.
iPad Data Recovery step 3

Here I recommended you a short video shot on Youtube for you.

HTC Windows Phone 8X VS iPhone 5 for Christmas Gift

Christmas is just around the corner, what do you expect to get most as a gift in the happy 2012 Christmas day? A Windows tablet-Surface? Or iPad? An iPhone 5 or the latest HTC Windows phone 8X? There are just a few days to Christmas, you must be busy with preparing gifts for your business partners, friends or families. If you are looking for a smartphone, you have come to the right place.

If you have not yet make up your decision to buy which smartphone as a gift for your boyfriend, brother, etc, here is two options for you. How about HTC Windows Phone 8X or iPhone 5? Let’s see why.

HTC’s Windows Phone 8X by HTC is a great looking, snappy device that relies on the familiarity of Windows, a unique Live Tile interface and a growing app catalog to compete with the iPhone 5 and other high-end phones available. In this Windows Phone 8X review we’ll be looking at how the 8X compares to the iPhone 5.

Our full HTC Windows Phone 8X review dives deeper into the performance of the 8X, and is required reading for anyone considering a Windows Phone 8 device.

Combined with the new operating system, Windows Phone 8X by HTC users get a quick processor, 4G LTE and better app selection compared to previous mobile Windows offerings. Unfortunately, Windows Phone 8 is missing out on many standard iPhone features, such as voice integration.

With powerful specs, a gorgeous 4.3-inch screen and plenty of visual flair, can the HTC 8X make it into your Christmas gifts list? Or you still want an iPhone 5?
HTC Windows Phone 8X VS iPhone 5Everyone of us has a mobile phone. We have so many personal data on our mobile phone that we also have choices that losing all files on it. For Instance, I love taking pictures by using my iPhone 4s. So, what if you accidentally deleted some photos you took on your phone, or something you need just gone missing? Is there any way to recover deleted photos from iPhone or other mobile phone?

In fact, there are some iPhone data recovery software that enable you recover data from iPhone after you deleted, lost your data or from other mobile phones with ease. (Well, you know that iPhone has no pluged-in memory card, which means you can use some kind of memory card data recovery software like Card Data Recovery to get your deleted or lost files back. ) Don’t worry, that is why iPhone data recovery software like Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery designed for.  Want to know how to use iPhone data recovery software to recover iPhone photos, click ” iPhone photo recovery “.