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2 Tricks That Help to Recover Photos For Mac

How can I recover photos from my memory card on a Mac?
I accidentally formatted the memory card on my camera and want to recover the photos but I can’t afford ot buy software. I have a Mac. Are there any free softwares that would work and would actually recover the photos not just show them to me and make me buy it to recover them?

How to Recover Photos On Mac with Free Way
Recuva is a free file recovery program that makes it extremely easy to locate files that were once thought to be lost forever. Here is how to use Recuva to recover deleted files on Mac.
1: Download the free data recovery program Recuva ( Download the portable not install version so that you can run it without having to install it. An even better way to ensure that your data won’t be overwritten is to download the portable version for flash drives and run it from a USB flash drive.
2: Start the file recovery wizard and select the file type for which you are looking. Selecting all file types can take a very long time to complete, so it’s best to narrow down your search. On the next page, select the locations you want to search and then click “Start” on the following page. If you happen to know the file name, that’s even better. Just cancel out of wizard mode, type all or part of the file name in the search box, select the areas to be searched and then click “Scan.”
3: Allow the file recovery program several minutes to a few hours to complete. If you see the file(s) you were looking for, you can cancel the search before it’s done. Otherwise, let it finish.
4: Click to select the check box next to each file found that you want to recover. Insert a USB flash drive into your computer to recover your files to, or recover them to a second hard drive if one is available. You’re more likely to recover your deleted files intact if you recover them on a different drive than the one from which they were deleted. Click “Recover” and select the flash drive or second hard drive as the file recovery location.

A Better Way to Recover Photo for Mac
Recuva will find any kind of file at all, and has special modes for music, documents, videos, and emails, besides the standard photo recovery. The main drawback with Recuva is with disks that are completely corrupted. If Windows does not recognize the disk, Recuva cannot scan it. So I will recommend a better tool for you- Tenorshare Photo Recovery For Mac. It’s an easy-to-use and powerful recovery program which can recover deleted photos, videos and audio files completely from from Mac hard drive, external storage devices such as memory card, digital cameras, USB drive, and iPod, etc. Check out to learn how to use.
In my experience the methods in the guide have been as good and many times.

photo recovery on mac

Note: Backup your important data on your memory card regularly to some other storage devices to avoid memory card corruption.