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The Easiest Approach for Memory Card Photo Recovery on Mac

We Can’t live without Photo Now

In the modern age,photo is an important part of peopole’s life.The reason for this phenomenon is simple. As the birth of photo, we use it record thing in our daily life, because it can maintain reminiscences for a long period. In digital era, people may keep crucial photos in their laptop or computer pc and can energize his/her memory anytime.

Photo Loss Often Happen

Although photo is convinent for us, but some time it has been happened an individual might loss photos from memory card on Mac computer. Because of human errors, such as unintended deletion, accidental formatting, inappropriate shutdown and so on. After losing files from Mac machine, most people thinks that they cannot recover them back.

As a matter of fact, based on the technology, it is not the reality. There is possibility for memory card photo recovery on Mac . It’s just because when file is deleted on Mac machine then the files remains at that place, only retrieving information is deleted from header section.

memory card photo recovery on mac

How to Perform Memory Card Lost Photo Recovery on Mac

For data loss from any storage devieces,it is strongly suggested that stop using device to prevent overwriting situation. It is just a condition, in which you cannot restore missing photos from memory card. Usually when you use the system after loss of data, then there is a possibility of overwriting of place from where the information is lost. Since the location is overwritten with a new data then you definitely cannot recuperate missing data by any mean. Before overwriting, you possibly can make utilization of experienced photo recovery program and effectively restore misplaced data without difficulty. To perform trouble-free revival of photos on Mac you need to use Mac OS X Photo Recovery tool and recover lost photos successfully.

And then, use an effective Mac memory card data recovery tool.
Card Data Recovery for Mac- is able to recover images, photos and other files from memory card on Mac OS X in various data loss situation: accidental deletion, unintentional quick format or complete format,memory card errors, virus attack etc. No matter SD card, SDHC card, CF card, MMC card,etc the Card Data Recovery program for Mac can get back your deleted or lost data off it in an easy, fast and safe way. It is fully compatible with latest OS X Mountain Lion.

Guide to Operate Card Data Recovery for Mac to Reocver Photo from Memory Card

STEP 1: Connect the Memory card (contained your deleted or inaccessible files) to your computer running Mac os.

STEP 2: Scan your memory card for lost files. Download and install the Card Data Recovery for Mac to your computer. Launch the program and follow the guides to let it do a scan of your memory card.

STEP 3: Recover found files.You can preview the recovered files, and choose the one you want to get back, Then hit the recover option to let them fully recovered.

Here, you have completed to recover data from memory card on Mac at ease.

Photo Recovery for Mac-Good Advise for Card Photo Recovery on Mac

What Can Cause Card Photo Loss

1. File loss from memory card due to virus infection.
2. Accidental deletion when sorting out files.
3. Emptied the trash containing some important photo files.
4. Memory card unexpected error or corruption.
5. Formatted your corrupt or inaccessible memory card without data backup.

Then reason for photo loss metioned above all result in card photo recovery

Possibility for Card Photo Recovery on Mac

When photos stored on Mac accidentally got deleted, but that doesn’t mean that those photos are deleted forever. All the photos can be recovered provided that they are not fully covered or occupied. The deleted photos are still intact out there in Mac hard disk or memory card if transferred. The system only marks those photos as deleted but the real data are safe just inaccessible. As a result, once you find your photos are deleted from Mac, stop putting more files as soon as possible, which can increase the rate of card photo recovery on Mac

card photo recovery on mac

How to Do Memory Card Lost Photo Recovery on Mac

To recover photos from memory card on Mac, you can try a 3rd-party photo recovery software-Card Data Recovery is able to recover images, photos and other files from memory card on Mac OS X in various data loss situation: accidental deletion, unintentional quick format or complete format,memory card errors, virus attack etc. No matter SD card, SDHC card, CF card, MMC card,etc the Card Data Recovery program for Mac can get back your deleted or lost data off it in an easy, fast and safe way. It is fully compatible with latest OS X Mountain Lion.

When you launch Card Data Recvoery, you can select the “Recover all Photo files” option to speed up the process. (you can select other options such as “Recvoer all video file”, “Recover all music files” to search for all lost files.)

Next, you need to select removable drives which means the memory card, then you click “scan”, the software will search the lost data.

After scanning, you can preview the photos have been lost,then select the ones you wish to recover and click the “Recover” button. It will then ask you for a location to save the recovered files. Again, make sure you use a different physical drive to the one from which you’re attempting to recover data.

Note: When you use Card data recovery to recover memory data on Mac and save the data restored, you can not save the recovered files to the same card where previous ones located. Because the space where the data you hope to recover taken might be overwritten.

Tips for Hard Drive Photos Recovery on Mac

Advantages of Hard Drive

Thanks to high quality of hard drive, our daily life become more and more convenientm,and we can enjoy an ever-increasingly mobile environment at work or at home. We can put our beautiful photos, favourite music, wonderful movies, important documents, even funny games, etc into a hard drive.

recover photos from hard drive on mac

Problems about Hard Drive Photos Recovery on Mac

However, when hard drive have trouble even files lost, it will be more serious in our daily life, and more and more people use Apples computer producets, however, few of them know how to recover data on Mac os. Luckily, we can retrieve them with Hard drive data recovery software. Last week, a friend asked me for help, because she lost her all photos in a exteral hard drive due to power off while she copied the data to her Macbook. So I get some experiences.The following tips tells you how to recover photos from hard drive on mac.

Preparations to Recover Photos from Hard Drive on Mac

First of all, you have to remember: Do not save any data to the hard Drive and transfer in and out, because the space where the original data stored may be overwiritten.

Secondly,you need to find a efficient recovery program, which can help you restore files from hard drive. when I helped my friend to recover her hard drive photos, I found some good recovery software,now, I introduce two of them.

Option one: Recuva
Recuva is a data recovery program without paying, however, there is no free lunch in this world. I tried to use this program to recover photos from my friend’s hard drive, It just recvoered about 60% photos.and Recuva can not run on Mac os,so it is necessary for you to get a Windows computer when you use Recuva. If you don’t wanna spend to it, you can choose it, but I can’t guarantee all the data will be restored.

Option two:Card Data Recovery
Card Data Recovery is an simple but effective data recovery software, which can help you to recover photos,images,document,etc have been formatted, deleted from hard drive. you can learn more here: Even if I need to pay some money for it, it is worthy. With the help of the Card Data Recovery, I can retrieve hard drive photos on Mac.hard drive photos recovery on mac

Steps to Restore hard drive photos on Mac

Step1. Download the Card Data recovery from here: and install it on your computer

Step2. launch the Card Data Recovery application,Select the hard drive or connect external hard drive to computer .

Step3. Click scan button and Select the option “Photo recovery”.

Step4. After scaning, you can preview the photos and choose the ones you want to get back and click “Recover”.

Step5. “Save” all your recovered photos in the hard drive and you have finished hard drive photos recovery on Mac.

Card Data Recovery also can recover data from SD card, SDHC Card, Mini SD card, or other storage devices.

(Source: Files Recovery  Skill For Card Data Recovery)

HTC Windows Phone 8X VS iPhone 5 for Christmas Gift

Christmas is just around the corner, what do you expect to get most as a gift in the happy 2012 Christmas day? A Windows tablet-Surface? Or iPad? An iPhone 5 or the latest HTC Windows phone 8X? There are just a few days to Christmas, you must be busy with preparing gifts for your business partners, friends or families. If you are looking for a smartphone, you have come to the right place.

If you have not yet make up your decision to buy which smartphone as a gift for your boyfriend, brother, etc, here is two options for you. How about HTC Windows Phone 8X or iPhone 5? Let’s see why.

HTC’s Windows Phone 8X by HTC is a great looking, snappy device that relies on the familiarity of Windows, a unique Live Tile interface and a growing app catalog to compete with the iPhone 5 and other high-end phones available. In this Windows Phone 8X review we’ll be looking at how the 8X compares to the iPhone 5.

Our full HTC Windows Phone 8X review dives deeper into the performance of the 8X, and is required reading for anyone considering a Windows Phone 8 device.

Combined with the new operating system, Windows Phone 8X by HTC users get a quick processor, 4G LTE and better app selection compared to previous mobile Windows offerings. Unfortunately, Windows Phone 8 is missing out on many standard iPhone features, such as voice integration.

With powerful specs, a gorgeous 4.3-inch screen and plenty of visual flair, can the HTC 8X make it into your Christmas gifts list? Or you still want an iPhone 5?
HTC Windows Phone 8X VS iPhone 5Everyone of us has a mobile phone. We have so many personal data on our mobile phone that we also have choices that losing all files on it. For Instance, I love taking pictures by using my iPhone 4s. So, what if you accidentally deleted some photos you took on your phone, or something you need just gone missing? Is there any way to recover deleted photos from iPhone or other mobile phone?

In fact, there are some iPhone data recovery software that enable you recover data from iPhone after you deleted, lost your data or from other mobile phones with ease. (Well, you know that iPhone has no pluged-in memory card, which means you can use some kind of memory card data recovery software like Card Data Recovery to get your deleted or lost files back. ) Don’t worry, that is why iPhone data recovery software like Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery designed for.  Want to know how to use iPhone data recovery software to recover iPhone photos, click ” iPhone photo recovery “.

Effective Way to Recover Deleted iPhone Photos Without iTunes

I recently had about 300 pictures deleted from my iPhone. They meant a lot to me. How can I recover deleted photos from iPhone?

This kind of photo loss experience is not rare for all iPhone users. iPhone brings great convenience but data loss puts users at great risk. Of course, if you’ve done the right things, there’s a great chance to recover deleted pictures from iPhone.

Technically speaking, every time you sync your iPhone with your iTunes account, a .sqlitedb file will be automatically generated by iTunes on your computer. With third party iPhone photo recovery tool, all your deleted or lost photos can be extracted out of the .sqlitedb backup file. What’s more, the soonner you do photo recovery on iPhone, the bigger chance that you can recover deleted iPhone photos before they’re written over by new data.

Here is the way to recover deleted iPhone photos by using some recovery software.
Download an iPhone photo recovery tool: Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery(for Windows users) or Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery for Mac (for Mac users).
how to recover deleted iphone photosThis iPhone photo recovery software allows you to recover deleted iPhone photos as well as previous videos, text messages, notes, call history and calendar, no matter you’re using iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS or previous versions. In addition, Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery also works for data recovery on iPad and iPod Touch.

First things you need to do: Don not sync your iPhone with iTunes any more when you notice your photos are deleted or lost, otherwise the backup file will be updated and you will not be able to recover the photos.

When running the iPhone photo recovery software on your Mac machine, you are in front of the backup files for the Apple device. Just choose the one for your iPhone and click “Scan” to find all your files on the backup file

After scanning, all contents of the backup file will be extracted and displayed on the interface. You are even able to preview all your stuff. And then choose the ones that you want to get back and continue photo recovery by clicking “Recover”. Last but not least, “Save” all your content back to the computer.

To avoid losing your iPhone data, immediate backup is very important and useful. Every time when you take pictures with your iPhone, do remember to backup them on your computer. See, so easy to recover deleted photos from iPhone by using third party software.

Best Solution to Recover Deleted Photo on Canon PowerShotA2200

Canon has brought its new camera—PowerShot A2200. It is an extremely popular digital camera because of its features: having a 14.1 MP sensor with 4x wide-angle optical zoom and recording movies with 720p HD video let you create impressive large photos of family and friends you’ll be proud to display and make picture-taking possible in museums, at performances, anywhere light and sound would not be welcome.

However, this doesn’t mean this camera is flawless as it is still vulnerable to data loss. You can accidently delete photos without meaning to find photos lost from an unexpected power failure or from an abrupt shake while transferring photos etc. Good news is that you can still recover deleted photo and all you have to do is just to follow the below steps.

1. Stop using your Cannon PowerShot A2200 camera immediately. This is because your deleted photos are not actually lost permanently, and they are just marked as blank space after deletion. If you continue to take photos with the camera, you will risk the chance of recovering your old photos
2. Stop using the memory card of your camera too for every chance of deleted photos recovery.
3. Take a careful look at your camera and your memory card to find out why you have lost the photos. And learn from this painful experience next time.
4. Find a professional photo recovery utility to get ready to recover the deleted or lost photos.
Recover deleted photo from cameraSpeaking to the utility, I highly recommend you to use Tenorshare Photo Recovery and Tenorshare Photo Recovery for Mac. These two different utilities are targeted with different operating systems. Each of them can be equally successfully installed onto each operating system and securely, efficiently recover deleted photo. In the following, I’ll show you how to recover deleted photos with this Tenorshare Photo Recovery for Mac.
Step1: Get Tenorshare Photo Recovery for Mac here and install it on your Mac machine.
Step2: Connect your camera with the Mac computer securely and run the utility. Then this utility will direct you to choose the target device (your Cannon PowerShot A2200 camera).
Step3: Select the file type “Photo” to be recovered and then click “Start Scan” to let the utility quickly search for the target/deleted photos from your camera.
Step4: Preview the recoverable file and select the target file you want to recover after the scanning process finishes. Then simply by clicking “Recover” button and you will begin recovering deleted photos from your camera!