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Photo Recovery for Memory Stick on Your Digital Camera

Have you ever accidentally “format” your storage stick or even delete your photos before you decide to moved them to your Macintosh? Is you got it telling you “card not really formatted”, “greeting card not found”, or similar error concept while wanting to read the memory adhere? Don’t anxiety! This post is going to recover your photos.

Memory sticks are handy devices which you can use to duplicate and store data through computer hard drives.

Memory Stick is a removable expensive memory greeting card format. There are several types associated with memory adhere including Memory Stick, Storage Stick Pro, HG, Storage Stick Expert Duo as well as Memory Stick Micro (M2). Sizes of storage stick are from 16 MB to 32 Gigabytes. Memory Stay Also may be used in some other digital products.

Memory sticks can grow to be corrupted or damaged in many different ways. Typically, the pictures are nonetheless on the memory stick and are recoverable.

If you need recover documents or photographs from Storage Stick upon Mac installed Mac Operating-system X 12.5/10.6/10.7, you ought to try this memory stick recovery software – Card Data Recovery for Mac.

Card Data Recovery for Mac providing the simple to utilize interface makes it easy to retrieve your pictures from memory stick along with just several mouse keys to press! No specialized skill is needed to recover storage stick.

Download as well as install the software on the Mac.

Hook up the digicam to your pc with the particular USB cable that came with the digicam. If you’ve got a memory card reader, put the memory stay into the credit card reader and plug it into the computer.

Double-click the program symbol to run it, choose Photo Recoery.

Choose the drive which corresponds for your memory stick. And scan for your lost videos, please go to main screen and simply click Video Recovery. For Music, Music Recovery is your best choice. Document Recovery is also available, too.

Compatible along with Mac Operating-system X ten.5/12.6/10.7 and also support many removable memory device, such as digital camera etc. simple to use and powerful, can recover all data.

Why not try this memory stick recovery software now to get all your lost or deleted pictures back?